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Released July 1, 2014 -Tragedy in Happy Valley by Audrey Rodgers tells the painful story of "Happy Valley" suffering shame, humiliation and economic chaos. The cast of characters ranges from governors to janitors, and the facts remain as elusive as the criminal mastermind of the heinous crimes.

Sheltered by the Seven Mountains, Penn State was often proudly referred to as the safest campus in America.

No train stopped here; few planes touch down on its landing sites; and roaming theatres were infrequent. This does not suggest that Penn State was in any way, bucolic. Complex, sophisticated and au courant with the world at large, the University lived up to the pride its students revealed.

Yet tragedy befell Happy Valley and its mystery will remain for many years complex , unforeseen, and all but insoluble. The "innocent" will suffer as they have these past three years. The "guilty" will trek from court to court claiming their innocence while the Public grows increasingly more confused.

Aurrey. Rodgers and her husband moved to "Happy Valley" in 1950 to become professors at Penn State. They were touched by the bucolic flavor of "Happy Valley", but overcome by the breath-taking beauty of the Pennsylvania State University Campus. "We had no inkling that a malevolent wind would sweep away the landscape magic and ultimately stun the world in 2011."  more...

Another Great Book

Released April 19, 2013 -Tears and Laughter by Audrey Rodgers enhances our understanding of the enigma we call Life. Perhaps because she fervently believes in Continuity opposed to fragmentation and Order opposed to isolation and chaos, Mrs. Rodgrs can accept without question John Donne's truth "No man is an island, entire of itself. Each is a piece of the continent, a part of the main..." Thus she perceives in human experience, as in Alan's, both tears and laughter. We are one with nature—generation to generation—and so we share the grief and the happiness.

So Mrs. Rodgers drives backward in time—from miraculous birth to fulfilling maturity—seeking to capture the memories that gave his life significance. It is a voyage not to be missed. On a personal level, this is a celebration. a happening of joy, a richness of life well-lived.  more...

Featured Book

Released November 28, 2012 -Stop It! You're too smart to keep making Dumb Decisions by Dr. Lonnie Carton is a lively, easy-to-read how-to book that follows the decision-making patterns of four friends, only one of whom has learned to make smart choices in both her personal and professional life. Stop It! provides readers with Dr. Carton's signature strategies for making every decision a good one. The unique, reliable method she has developed is called D.A.I.S.E In its simplicity, it may just do for personal relationships and life choices what Spenser Johnson' s parable Who moved my cheese? did for the business community.

For more than two-and-a-half decades, Dr. Carton' program "In The Learning Center" was heard coast to coast on CBS radio. As a broadcast journalist, a nationally acclaimed educational psychologist, an author, a counselor, a university professor, and a keynote speaker, Dr. Carton has helped many thousands of people of all ages make better choices in life.  more...

An Incredible Journey

Released December 17, 2011 - Hay Locos is an exciting story about two pretty young girls embarking on an improbable journey:  they drove from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to Santiago, Chile to get to a New Year's Party.  They travelled along 12,000 miles of roads and were three months late.   Along the way, they met dictators and revolutionaries, generals and peasants.  What began as pure adventure gradually became a voyage of love, danger and self-exploration that challenged everything they thought they knew about the world. 

The author, Hope Boylston, one of those girls. recorded these extraordinary experiences with passion, humor and a fine sense of the absurd. She settled in Chile and witnessed the socialist government of Salvador Allende and after the coup, joined the resistance against the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.  more...

A Tale of Love

We are proud to introduce you to Memoirs of Honi, an exciting new book about life's journeys and the adventures of a young heroine who fearlessly travels to New York. Challenged by the world around her, she becomes the driving force of the family assuming the lofty position of family matriarch. When she died in the early 1950's there was both exuberance and sorrow. Exuberance because her family thought her reign had finally ended. They had all forgotten her spirit was part of them, part of what they are today.

The author taught in the English Department of Pennsylvania State University where she and earned a Ph.D. in English and is now a Professor Emerita. Her specialty was modern American poets. She was the first Women Studies Director and was instrumental in formulating the program.   more...

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