Stop It! You're Too Smart to Keep Making Dumb Decisions

Great Advice Brilliantly Presented   by Creative Artist     (October 2012) Riveting yet amazingly simple. Real life examples reveal the many pitfalls and mistakes leading to bad decisions. If only I could have learned these simple steps before making all those bad decisions. As an undecided voter, I'm going to put this book to work to insure I make a good choice.

Educational & Excellent   by Isabelle Oliver     (October 2012) Thanks so much for this interesting and educational look at the decisions we make. Told through 4 or 5 separate vignettes, this book helps one explore their relationships, communication with others, and personal development. Great read and highly recommend, thank you.

Simple and to the point   by Rebecca     (October 2012) Dr. Lonnie Carton has an incredible way of making things that might seem complicated to others seem very simple and clear. Her book speaks to all people, no matter where they are from or what their backgrounds may be, and she gives a very important message: Stop it! Stop making excuses, stop being scared, stop hiding from a future that could bring you so much more happiness and stability. It wakes you up!

An absolute must-read!   by ShirleyR     (October 2012) I've been a free-lancer for a few years now, and when the economy took a downturn, so did my contract jobs. Dr. Lonnie's book offered me inspiration. Her methods taught me how to take my dreams and goals and make them a reality. Thanks to "Stop It...", I've now been able to hone my personal business skills set, identify my strengths, and start making my work-- work for me!

Self Help At It's Best   by ShirleyR     (October 2012) As a mother of two teenaged children and an attorney who has represented hundreds of clients over the years, I am always in the position of not only assessing my own decisions but those of my children and clients as well. STOP IT! YOU'RE TOO SMART TO KEEP MAKING DUMB DECISIONS, is a book I wish I'd had years ago, before the kids, before the law degree. This newest work of Dr. Lonnie Carton offers us all easy answers to even our most complex dilemmas. Whatever the decision you're facing, Dr. Carton can help you make the correct choice. Her clear and easy to understand writing style makes her sage advice available to decision makers of all ages. Make your best decision today, order this book for friends, colleagues and family alike. You'll all be glad you did.

NOT buying this book will be the dumbest decision you ever made!   by Jaxie Tame     (October 2012) Dr. Lonnie Carton is a brilliant, brilliant teacher and author. I have followed her work for many years and am so pleased that she has decided, yet again, to offer her insights and inspired stories in this new work. Dr. Carton touches families in the most meaningful, profound way. Her advice is always sound without feeling like she is judging; her analogies are personal and resonate with most of us; her words are wise; and she is so thoughtful in her work that you feel like she is talking to YOU about YOU and YOUR situation, throughout. Make a SMART decision and buy this book for yourself, for your children, for your friends. You will not regret it!!!!

Where have you been?   by Janet Bergman     (October 2012) What a simple (without being at all simplistic) way to help think through decision-making. And avoid making the dumb ones! I wish I'd had this book ten years ago. It might have saved me a lot of wasted time and at least one foolish relationship.

Decision making is key to life successes   by Yair (Los Angeles, CA)     (October 2012) The D.A.I.S.E. plan is a very novel way to look at smart decision making. In our daily lives we all come across important decisions, ethical dilemmas, and quandaries - whether it is family struggles, dealing with bullies [for teenagers], or working through stressors at home or work. Dr. Lonnie's words and thoughts are brilliant in helping to provide clarity during these challenging decisions.

Hay Locos

Fascinating historical memoir   by Rebe     (March 14, 2012) I read this book every morning on my commute and I never wanted to put it down! Hope Boylston describes what started out as a pan-american adventure and ended up as a life-changing journey culminating in her involvement in the resistance movement against the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile. She reflects on this historical moment and its repercussions and gives an insider's view that is at once critical and easily digestible for an American readership. Bravo!

Hay Locos   by Tim Frasca, author of AIDS in Latin America     (February 19, 2012) Boylston's bite-sized vignettes are deceptively light: at first, they slip by as amusing roadie tales from two privileged but adventurous Florida girls with fresh tans and a saucy attitude. But little by little, the anecdotes turn deeply, then deadly, serious. The South America tour is no longer a lark but a disturbing revelation of both the world and the travelers' unrecognized assumptions. Boylston's timely arrival in Chile just as that country's political tragedies unfolded accelerates her education at a dizzying pace, and her own inner North-South boundary becomes blurred forever.

Fascinating and Penetrating   by friendly writer     (January 7, 2012) Hope Boylston presents a fascinating story of her travels to South America and especially Chile. While there she establishes close friendships and becomes politically active during the Allende regime and after the Pinochet-led military coup, which was supported by the US government. She then joined the resistance, which leads to some anxious experiences she recounts. But her tale is much more than political. It is a very human story of close relationships and passions. I wanted to meet many of the characters she describes and had trouble putting the book down. A remarkable work indeed.

A Memorable Journey   by Pam     (January 7, 2012) Boylston has written a memoir that is both heartwarming and heartbreaking. Her personal experiences as a young American woman in Chile are interwoven with that country's turbulent events from the excitement of Allende to the terror of Pinochet. She is a great story-teller; narrating people and events, both great and small, with humor, warmth and insight.

Hay Locos   by Steven Volk     (January 8, 2012) Like opening a photo album in which each picture opens more memories and stories, Hope Boylston's collection of stories, Hay Locos, is rich with remembrance and understanding. What began with a decision to drive from Florida to Chile in 1969, turned into a lasting engagement with one of the most hopeful and tragic episodes in Latin American history: Salvador Allende's three-year "peaceful" revolution followed by General Pinochet's 17-year dictatorship. Boylston's stories from those years offer a unique and poignant account from a U.S. perspective of what it was like to be fully engaged in those tumultuous times.
Steven Volk
Professor of History
Oberlin College

Memoirs of Honi

Memoirs of Honi By Sally Rothwell     (February 2011) You can tell that the writer is a very intelligent woman. She deserves to be respected, admired and emulated. She had been in a very tragic experience as a child, but that did not stop her from achieving what she has now. Her choice of words were from a very experienced, professional yet down-to earth person.

I have recommended her book to others. Her book is something you read and don't want to put down till you are done reading it. You can tell she is an amazing woman just by reading her "memoirs".

A Fascinating Immigration story By Louis Backus     (January 2011) Beautifully written. The sense of excitement, anticipation and even fear is conveyed so well. Reading this book reminds us of our own place in history and how it fits into that of our society. We understand what drives people to pick up their roots, move and reestablish themselves in a new environment. It takes guts.

Memoirs of Honi By Nomi     (January 2011) You must get acquainted with Rosie. Her trek across Europe and surprising rescue from steerage forms a compelling narrative. Her five children and grand children and great grand children share her legacy of courage, brilliance, entrepreneurial spirit and shining green eyes.

Memiors of Honi By Kathleen M. Miller     (October 2010) She had me laughing and crying at the same time. There were times when I could have strangled Rosie, but she was one smart lady and I believe that is where Honi got her determination and drive. I wish there would have been more about Honi in the book. I am sure she has a lot more to tell. Very compelling.

Keeping memories alive By Franne Entelis     (October 2010) Very much enjoyed this memoir of Honi who growing up in the Bronx, NY recalls the legacy of her family history. I now have a new appreciation of the art of memoir writing as Author Tropau's experiences truly become a part of a vast consciousness that teaches and passes on every individual's part of the human tapestry.

Fantastic story that every family can relate to By Miriam Greene     (November 2010) Memoirs of Honi is a beautifully written story that everyone can relate to and everyone should read. It brings to life the story of the millions of immigrants and their families in New York City in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and makes you want to dig deeper into your own family history and discover how your family came to be the way it is.

Growing up, I always knew bits and pieces of my family history, but I never knew the full story of how my great great grandparents arrived in this country and how they survived throughout the Depression and great wars. Memories of Honi fills in many of those gaps and makes me feel instantly closer to the great women and men that made me the woman I am today

Memoirs of Honi By David Leibowitz     (September 2010) The story brought back many memories of my growing up on the lower East Side. It is the story of millions of European immigrants who came to these shores with little more than their dreams to sustain them. Now it's up to their grand children and great grand children.

May you continue to enjoy many more grand children and great grand children, "til 120 seasons".

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