Our Featured Book

We are pleased to announce Stop It! You're Too Smart to Keep Making Dumb Decisions—a lively, easy-to-read book that will teach you how to make sensible, successful decisions...  more...

Our First Book

Memoirs of Honi was sucessfully published just in time for the holiday season. Feedback has been very positive and the reviews have all been five star. We expect more great reviews as the world discovers this wonderful book...  more...

Kaye Productions Opens for Business

The summer of 2009 saw the creation of Kaye Productions. We pulled a talented group together and decided that our talents would be best utilized in a publishing company. While we strive to help new authors fulfill their dreams, we also hope to provide support for existing authors to expand to new media or to publish new content.
Our First project was a video incoporating photographs, video segments and multiple sound tracks. This was quickly followed by an album...a wedding album.