January 23, 2012


Announcing a 12,000 Mile Journey to Attend a New Year's Party Complicated by Dictators, Revolutionaries, Generals and Peasants—a new book from Kaye Productions.

Upon graduating from college in 1969, two pretty girls accepted an invitation to a New Year's Party in Chile. Their epic adventure from Florida to Chile by car covered 12,000 miles spanning eleven countries and included the dangers of jungles, deserts and countless young males.

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 23, 2012  - When they arrived in Santiago three months late, they left behind a trail of police, generals, corrupt politicians and lovers. Their journey offered unimaginable sights and sounds, unpredictable justice and politics, and unforgettable passions and romantic encounters. Every day was another adventure—another page from One Hundred Years of Solitude.

Hope Boylston retells her experiences in Hay Locos—a new book from Kaye Productions. When she arrived in Santiago, a few months before Salvador Allende was elected, she fell in love with everything about Chile: its landscape, its people and its dreams. She became deeply involved in Allende’s attempt to bring socialism to Chile and in the resistance to the Pinochet dictatorship after he was overthrown. In the end she was forced to leave her life there and the people she loved to escape the secret police. Her book is a testament to her extraordinary experiences and she retells them with passion, humor and a fine sense of the absurd.

"Like opening a photo album in which each picture opens more memories and stories, Hope Boylston’s collection of stories, Hay Locos, is rich with remembrance and understanding. What began with a decision to drive from Florida to Chile in 1969, turned into a lasting engagement with one of the most hopeful and tragic episodes in Latin American history." - Steven Volk, Professor of History - Oberlin College

Hay Locos is available from bookstores and online at amazon.com.

About the Author
Hope Boylston was born in Wilmington, Delaware, and began wandering immediately. Before graduating from high school, she lived in Massachusetts, Michigan and Florida. She studied anthropology at George Washington University Boylston has lived in Ecuador and Venezuela in addition to the nearly eight years she spent in Chile. She has worked as a journalist, interpreter, translator, development program manager and Spanish teacher. She currently lives in Central Pennsylvania but travels frequently.

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          PUBLISHED:  December, 2011
          ISBN:  978-0-9829716-3-5
          PAGES:  255
          PUBLISHER:  Kaye Productions